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Comme Un Livre is the 6th book in our collection! This book is based on the story of the puppet show "Comme Un Livre".

Our hero Little Jean, in the library, chooses a book that takes him to the 5 continents

If you wish, the story told, with the voices of the characters, by Isabelle and Jean Bouclet is available for free download with the code provided inside the book. This audio file in MP3 will allow you to listen to the story on PC, Tablet, Telephone, Car radio etc...

If you have seen the show: The book will allow you to enjoy the story again and share this moment with the child.

If you haven't seen the show: No worries! The book tells the whole story, so you can all discover it together!

Size: 21.5 * 21.5 cm

32 pages

Reference: CMLCL01

Text and Audio in French